Friday, April 20, 2007

Vanishing Icons of D&D

I learned yesterday of the passing of D&D designer veteran Tom Moldvay. I'll just pass you on to Mike Ferguson's excellent entry on the man here:

On the same day, I saw the announcement where Paizo is no longer going to publish Dragon and Dungeon magazines. I think my earliest exposures to these fine mags was in Brad's house, where he showed me the latest innovations being published for D&D. Those early magazines (for me, the mid-80s) are still my favorite and I have just about all of the Dragons going back to issue #50. When you pick one up and open it even today you can still feel the excitement as untested authors provided new and intersting ways of approaching our favorite roleplaying game. Everything seemed so fresh and the possibilities endless. I think, as a writer, that the luster is lost on official publications. No longer do I think, "How can I use this in my game." Now it's, "How can I use this in my writing?" One is imagination and the other is, well, work. I only managed to submit once to each magazine (rejected, naturally) but at least I had that opportunity and I took it.

Each magazine has had a distinguished history and I'm happy to have been actively using them through most of it. And even if I haven't approached them in the same way over the last few years, they will most certainly be missed. Farewell to Tom, Dragon, and Dungeon...


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