Sunday, June 17, 2007

Willi Weekend

This weekend saw the spring open house of Willi Singleton (see for details). Willi is a famed potter and just all-around nice guy who fires up his handmade kiln twice a year and then has two shows at his home for local buyers. Let me tell you, it's worth the trip if you're anywhere in the Hawk Mtn. area. I usually grab something every time I go because of the appreciation value and because the stuff's so damned cool. I've got close to a dozen pieces now from little bowls to coffee mugs and now a little plate I nabbed yesterday. Linda had never been to a Willi show so I took her and my mom up there today (after being there yesterday with Katy).

Naturally, we all found something to buy (the two girls having two items apiece). When I handed over my bowl for purchase, Willi (who personally checks out everyone and gives little info tidbits about the pieces), wrapped it in paper and handed it back to me saying, "This is for you for bringing everyone up here." Wow, I was floored. It's true that I spread the word of his work and then shuttled my family members up there but never expected a reward for it. Too cool and it saved me $22.


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