Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Been awhile since the last post so now's a good a time as any to update the 'ol blog. Was finally out for a good hike yesterday around Hamburg's reservoir and the Appalachian Trail. I snapped some pics with my camera phone and hope to start a little hiking log with pics once I get them uploaded to my hard drive.

My sister, her husband, and two nephews are home from Arizona and staying in our basement until around the 3rd of Jan. It's a little hectic at times but it's very good to see them all again. Gift-giving was fun and profitable (meaning plenty of $$ for rpg buying or, more likely, a casino trip or two!). More importantly, everyone was happy, safe, and together--what the holidays are all about. Here's hoping you all have the same.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you going to post your hiking log? I know at least I would enjoy that. Where did you go on your last stroll? My hiking days are limited with the 48 inches of snow we had this month so far. (forecast for another 6-9 inches tomorrow)I have been out on XC skis. Skis or snowshoes are mandatory.
Tom to the cat

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