Monday, December 03, 2007

December Already?

Where does the time go? Yesterday it went to cleaning my room--11am to 8pm of reorganizing, Pledge-ing, and vacuuming. I had to get back to work today to rest!

The group has a throw-together module on Sat. since Brad realized at the last minute that he couldn't make it. That left me quickly cobbling together the plot for an adventure for our planar PCs. I knew early on in the campaign, while doodling notes for possible future adventures, that I wanted these PCs to come across a world already ravaged by Orcus' meteor throwing weapon (as seen in the finale of the previous high-level campaign found somewhere in the murky history of this blog).

I knew I wanted the group to fight spellstitched ghasts (from MMII) in waves, be "rescued" by a mind flayer in need of armed allies, and eventually save a band of survivors by taking them back to Sigil. All of that happened, thanks in no small part to lifting a monster (lava creeps--CR2 my ass) and a small wizard tower from Goodman's DCC #8. After guided to safety by the mind flayer, they are led to the refugee camp. When the mind flayer speaks of a teleportation ring mentioned by fleeing drow, the PCs concoct a plan to use it to take everyone back to the glyph gate. With luck, they could escape with minimal casualties (as the gate was last seen under heavy undead guard, not the least of which included a dracolich!).

There were 3 near-PC-deaths and every refugee (including the mind flayer, separated from his colony during the meteor bombardment) survived, so it was a good game. Doesn't look like we'll be playing next weekend so perhaps that time can be spent Xmas shopping.


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