Sunday, April 06, 2008

Good Game!

The planar campaign's recent installment--"Calamar"--went according to plan. An island prison accessed only by a carefully controlled glyph gate was the dumping ground for the more dangerous criminals of the gnome-dominated Fendaris Imperium (hah, did you hear that WotC, gnomes will crush you!). Not long before the PCs arrival, another team from the Protectorate was sent on a standard recon mission (note: the campaign, if you haven't been keeping track, is essentially a Stargate rip-off without goa'uld) and they are overdue to report back. When the PCs arrive, it seems the prisoners are loose and the guards are dead (wouldn't much of an adventure without that, eh?). Seems the Imperium enjoyed implanting mind flayer tadpoles into inmates to make them very susceptible to suggestion (thereafter being productive, if docile, members of society). But now, they decided to implant those creatures into the resident trio of chuul (thus making uchuulon from the Stormwrack supplement) and then all hell broke loose. To make this long story short, one member of the other team was recovered (just barely avoiding implantation) and the PCs recovered the piece of the glyph gate needed to make it function and return home.


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