Saturday, March 29, 2008

On A Lighter Note

Looks like we're playing a planar campaign adventure tomorrow by yours truly. Scot recently ran an adventure that nearly ended in a TPK. Only my ninja and our spiker fighter survived the Steel Dragons' assault (a FR power group Scot made up). The centaur and paladin were either slain and then taken away or simply stolen away by the force, our PCs weren't sure. That little thread will be played out under Scot's able DMing another time while the rest of the characters (with spikey Ahre and sneaky Silfaan having time to recover now) are off on another mission for the Protectorate.

For this adventure, which I'm calling "Calamar," the trip might be one-way. But what they cannot expect is a reunion with a PC who went MIA during the season premiere. Should be an exciting adventure!


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