Monday, March 10, 2008

New Dog!

Although still in mourning for Veronica, a situation arose that we could not turn a blind eye to. A pure-bred cocker spaniel, of slightly darker coloring than Veronica, was being given away by a woman Linda and Kristi know. After discussing it with them, my family agreed the 8-week old female sounded very promising. Kristi brought the pup (named Princess by the other family) to her place so my mom and I could go have a look. Well, we were certain she'd be coming home with us before we even got there. Sure enough, this puppy is too cute and has a spunky personality to boot! Since the other family wanted nothing for the pup except that she get a nice home, we took her home as our own. En route, I suggested the name Jasmine since none of us were happy with Princess (although it went with the Princess theme and this is my favorite Disney animated princess--er, as much as a grown man can have one of those :-)).

We're keeping Jasmine in the laundry room for now to sleep and, now on night #2, she appears to be taking it in stride. We're all happy to have her as a member of the family and hope she gives us as many or more happy years as Veronica.


Blogger Greg said...

Thats so great. I'm sure things won't be the same without veronica, but I'm glad you guys found Jasmine

9:48 PM  

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