Saturday, May 24, 2008

Holiday Weekend

Been awhile! How's everyone doing? Not too much planned here for the 3-day weekend but I'll find something to occupy my time. There's scant work to do yet to finish BtS: Feather Fall so that's one goal. I'll probably finish my re-read of Dragons of Spring Dawning (I was going through these and splicing in the new Lost Chronicles trilogy by Weis & Hickman but with the recent report that the final book will not be published, I figured I'd just better finish reading the original trilogy and move on). I started Paul Kemp's Shadowbred but am not terribly far into yet. Yeah, I know it's been out for awhile but trilogys take so long to come out that I didn't want to rush jumping into it lest I forget what happened in the book before the one that is most recently released.

As you can see from the Tricky Owlbear blog, the print version of BtS: Compendium is coming along well. There's a long thread on the Paizo board where I'm hawking it to the folks there who don't appear to have any knowledge of the series (gasp!). Come on over and join the fun here:

In other news, one of my co-workers died suddenly this week and I attended his memorial service yesterday with about 15 other co-workers in Reading, PA. Robert "Buz" Wrenn was a good man who I spoke with every day, sometimes at length, as I made my way through the plant. He was only 47 and the cause of death is not yet known (to me anyway--rumor is blood clot). Tragic...he leaves behind numerous children and a wife who not long ago lost her first husband. :(

This is a weekend to remember fallen military men and women but don't stop there in your remembrances. Take a little time to recall the good times with all lost friends and relatives...and cherish the lives of those you can still spend time with. Have a great weekend!


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