Saturday, May 03, 2008

I Am Iron Man...

...the last words of this really good movie which I saw last night. There was excitement aplenty and a couple good laughs (by good, I mean which make me do so out loud and not just chuckle at). I know nothing about Iron Man's comic history and I don't feel like I missed a thing in my ignorance. Go see this flick if you enjoy superhero movies in general (also got to see IJ: KotCS and The Dark Knight previews = good).

And this must be the weekend for good things as more GSL details shake loose. Looks like companies can now produce OGL and 4e products as long as they are on a product line basis--meaning a company can publish for both rules sets but not in the same line. I couldn't do a Behind the Spells 4e upgrade unless I somehow created a whole new way of going about it. But, to be honest, the rules I've seen as of now still haven't convinced me that I'll be dabbling in the 4e sandbox anyway so that's OK. I can always change my mind down the line and jump in at any time.

I'm working this weekend on completing BtS: Feather Fall in an effort to stick to Tricky Owlbear's release schedule. BtM: Gargoyle is in layout with Scot now. Looks dreary out today anyway so I say it's a good day to work inside.

In other news, my sister Katy arrived safely with her family in Hawaii yesterday. Her husband is in the Army and was just reposted there from Arizona. Katy is expecting her 3rd child within a month's time so I'm glad they're situated for awhile. Er, well, they're in a hotel room until more permanent accomodations are procured for them but at least the military doesn't let you in the street. :)


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