Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Free iPod with Braces"

I saw this little gem of an ad on the way home from Delaware today and had to snicker. But on reflection, why the heck doesn't this dentist just forgo the ipod and reduce the price of braces? It's not like the kids are paying for them anyway, right? Besides, a kid still can't sing in public to his new ipod sporting those braces without risking public humiliation. :)

Moving on, today is Day 1 of my extended holiday from work. There's a mandatory shutdown all next week plus the option of not coming in today or tomorrow. Guess which option I exercised? That's right, 10 more days of vacation--woot! Okay, so it's not all sunshine as not all of those days are with pay (one of them to be precise). But I'm hoping to make some of that lost money up when Linda and I do the Borgata in Atlantic City next Wed. You never know!


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