Friday, July 04, 2008

Celebrate Your Independence

Although you probably think this is a 4th of July post, it is not. (All the same--Happy 4th!!) What this post is, however, is a call to cherish the gaming legacy we pave everyday. What the heck am I talking about? How often do you get a slight feeling of guilt or shyness when you admit to a stranger that you roleplay (be it D&D or whatever)? I thought about this the other day and realized--there is no reason for shame! Gamers of my age and older who are still playing are actually blazing a trail for everyone behind us. There is no basis of comparison or standard by which gamers of our generation can be judged since we are the first. We shall determine at what age it is "socially acceptable" to game.

I'm not espousing that gaming be equated to "coolness" but we have the opportunity to make it less awkward at the very least. If we unite in our common response of, "I'm gaming this weekend," then soon it will be just like saying, "I'm fishing" or "I'm golfing." Hmm, maybe we can get some bumper stickers made:" Gone Gaming'"

So this 4th of July, revel in your gaming independence and, like this country's founding fathers, be a beacon of hope for all roleplayers to follow.


Anonymous Axel said...

I've never been ashamed of being a roleplayer, and yeah, I think its high up on the cool-scale!

However, people just dont know what it means to game! I'd like to be inside their heads, just for a second, as they hear this sentence, "We are gaming this weekend!"

5:20 PM  

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