Sunday, July 06, 2008

Vacation Thoughts

My long vacation is at an end and tomorrow it's back to work. So what did I do with my time off? The first portion--last Thursday thru the weekend--was a blur of preparing and unleashing the planar adventure. Entitled "The End of Days, part I" the module saw the unfolding of my "Stop 4th Edition!" story arc. As you may or may not know, the planar campaign is based in Sigil where the party belongs to an organization called the Protectorate. This power group runs missions through Starg--er, I mean glyph gates that are scattered throughout the multiverse. For this story arc, there is a nemesis called the chidahn, a militant race of humanoid dragonfly-men from another dimension bent on the annihilation of our multiverse. Apparently, the chidahn invaded millennia ago but were stopped by the gatebuilders. The PCs learned that the gatebuilders used an artifact to capture the chidahn and trap them in a special demi-plane; the artifact sending some kind of magical wave outward through all glyph gates. Some of the chidahn escaped imprisonment and went into a kind of coccoon-like stasis.

But now that artifact is nearly spent (or, as referred to in the module, "is dying") and the glyph gates are coughing up chidahn at random places. Unless the PCs can fix the problem, the artifact will be spent and a massive shockwave of power will explode through the gates, wreaking havoc on any world they are on and unleash the chidahn from imprisonment (some of this info will be revealed next game). Should be fun!

After Sunday, my last week was spent going in day trips: hiking, Atlantic City, and, perhaps my favorite trip this week, going to the Princeton Record Exchange in NJ. The place isn't huge but it's got a lot of music and dvds. And by music I mean everthing from cds to vinyl. Most items are used and the prices are thus quite good. I picked up 2 cds, the special edition of Highlander and 2 seasons of JAG that Scot, Zlaty and I have been watching. Friday was a stay at home day. Sat saw an outing to Red Robin and back-to-back mini-golfing sessions with Scot, Zlaty, and the Cuthberts. Much fun was had. Today was the customary cleaning and relaxing.

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of Tricky Owlbear's existence and we'll have a special announcement about a certain product everyone's been waiting for.


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