Saturday, August 23, 2008

Movies of the Week

Scot and I decided to do a double feature this week in the form of Clone Wars and Mummy 3. Since we went from one theater into the next directly (taking time only to stop for more popcorn), I had to really pee til all was said and done. Were the flicks worth urinary disruption? Let's find out.

Clone Wars was, hmm, I can't really say I was highly anticipating it. It's always fun to revisit the Star Wars universe but the animation style I saw in the previews did not overwhelm me. Still, the movie turned out to be not bad at all. The action is pretty much constant which is good since the dialogue is still Lucas-cringeworthy as it has been with the prequels. The basic plot is OK (Republic wanting to gain shipping lanes through the outer rim) but when that plot hinges on Jabba the Hutt's son then you have to inwardly groan. If you haven't seen it, I won't spoil you by describing the Huttling itself but both my brother and I were surprised by its..ah..cuteness. Another cool little scene (yes, I said cool) was when Anakin and Asohka were trying to get the Huttling and themselves into the Republic ship. When the ship dropped its shields and a few droid ships kamakazied into the hanger before the heroes it was very unexpected! All in all, though, a mindless romp through the SW playground with the faces you know and the combat you love. Go see it with no expectations and you'll do fine.

As for Mummy, I wasn't sure what to expect. The previews lead you astray in that you think the gang will fight yetis...not so much. Quite the opposite in fact, which annoyed me slightly. The plot was even more simple than the earlier two flicks in the trilogy and the movie seemed to move a little to quickly from plot point to plot point. Yes, they didn't need to take much time to reintriduce Rick, Eve, and the gang, but some more character time would have been nice. I missed Rachel Weisz but welcomed back the actor who potrays Jonathan with open arms (he opened a nightclub named Imhoteps--classic!). At the end, my brother and I both agreed that we actually preferred Clone Wars to Mummy 3.


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