Tuesday, August 05, 2008

And Now For Something...

...well you know the rest. Seems I'm going to have more free time to devote to writing as I was laid off indefinitely from my lab job this past Friday. The manager didn't want to do it to me in particular but things are so slow at the moment that, I think, some 15 of us are off on the unemployment train. Still, what with unemployment being extended to like 39 weeks and the pay (I hope) being enough to cover my monthly bills, it's a good thing. I picked up the Traveller core book and downloaded Mongoose's publisher developer pack. Now I can buckle down and crank out some Traveller goodness for Tricky Owlbear as we definitely need a new direction to go with our products.

In campaign news, my "Stop 4th Edition!" story arc has hit a unique landmark in that next session will see the integration of two adventuring parties into one mega-story! The planar PCs, who are the main PCs, are assaulting a land base of the evil chidahn, dragonfly-men from a foreign dimension. The chidahn are generating some kind of magical field around a gigantic artifact in orbit of a planet which is keeping their brethren in a prison pocket-dimension. When the artifact dies, it will loose its bond with the glyph gates which currently "caps" the prison demiplane. Unfortunately, the artifact's other function is to keep energy flows between the gates steady and, when it dies, the backlash of chaotic power will explode violently through each glyph gate in the multiverse--forever changing the realms they are on in ways impossible to predict (i.e. cause 4th edition). Now, if somehow the artifact can be destroyed on purpose instead of letting it die, the sudden collapse will actually "plug" the stream of power it controls--forever sealing the chidahn's prison while keeping the gate's from overloading. But how does one destroy an artifact the size of a small moon?

Enter the previous campaign's story arc involving Orcus and his meteor-thrower. While the planar PCs gear up to assault the shield-making chidahn base inside a dormany volcano, the Protectorate will make contact with the previous campaign's PCs since they are the ones most experienced with the doomsday weapon still in orbit of Toril. Will those PCs agree to help? Why wouldn't they, it's what adventurers do after all--save the multiverse! I hope everyone who's gamed in either campaign can make it next time for a Return of the Jedi-ish finale of epic proportions. One party takes down the shield while the other takes out the artifact. Simple enough, right? Mwahahaha! I'm looking forward to seeing how one group of players handles two PCs apiece as we switch back and forth between groups. One thing is certain--it will not be boring!


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