Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy Busy

Before I launch into what's been going on, I feel I most post this review link to the BtS: Compendium for those of you who feel (rightly so too) that the Tricky Owlbear blog isn't worth checking on too often:

"So how's the job going?" is a phrase I hear often. Well, it's going pretty damned well. I currently have two routes a day. The first is from 10am to 1pm and runs from the Pottsville area to Fleetwood and then returning to Muhlenburg. Then I have a little time to myself to grab some lunch and rest before heading out to be in Schulykill Haven by 3:30pm. From here I journey to Cressona, Pottsville again, and then north into what feels like the frontier of civilization (just northern Schuylkill Cty but that's close enough!) before returning to Muhlenburg between 6 and 6:30pm. All told, including travel to and from the start/end points, I work an 8-hour day; just happens to be split into two sections.

Last week was a bit rough as I was fighting the flu and some light-headedness but most of that seems to be done with. The money is good for my work and they even through me a Sat. route every other week for some extra bucks. Even with the upkeep to the car and the gas needed, the $$ is still worth my while. And a good thing too since I just got the bill for my ankle MRI (yikes!). At least that one was still under the insurance before I lost it.

Thanks to everyone who wished me well since it seems to be helping. Here's looking forward to many months of uneventful and financially fruitful driving.


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