Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New Job!

I love driving. Love it. I've always wanted to use my own vehicle to do courier work. Easy, high-paying, and no annoying people to deal with (except perhaps a brief road encounter in traffic). Well, my dream job has finally come. I was out doing some orientation for a company today and I'm one of 80+ independent contractors doing work out of the company's Muhlenburg hub. For the time being, I'll be making double what I've made in the past (before taxes, but still good!). The work could not be easier--picking up bank slips across Schuylkill County and transporting them either back to the warehouse or very close to the starting point in the evening. The hours are a bit longer than I'm used to (10am to 6:30-7pm) but the work is so easy who cares?! Driving is also a great time to get inspired through either the scenery (I'm driving through some very beautiful areas) or via music you're listening to. Should be some great brainstorming time for my writing projects and I'm getting paid for it to boot. Life is good.


Blogger Mike said...

Fantastic news!

I tend you to come up with some of my better ideas during my (long) morning commute - hopefully you come up with some great ideas as you drive around PA!


3:35 PM  
Blogger Steve said...


8:36 AM  
Blogger Bret said...

Thanks; yeah I hope I come up with some good stuff too. Gotta wait until I'm comfortable with the route since for the first days now I'm still concentrating on getting to the stops on time. ;)

8:57 AM  

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