Friday, September 26, 2008


That's the official diagnosis of my left ankle problem. The treatment is to wear a foot wrap, take 2 Aleve a day for 2 weeks, and do an exercise once a day until I see the doc again in a month. All in all, much better than I could have hoped for really. Much preferable to surgery. The whole process was actually pretty smooth. EIP (the extremity place where the MRI was performed) was especially friendly and fast and got the results to my local doc within a few hours. According to the technician there, EIP's pay program should bill me for my out-of-network cost even if my health plan doesn't recognize the facility. Not a bad deal.

Today is a rather dreary day so I'm hoping to get some writing done--specifically on BtS: Darkness which will be a kind of lead-in to BtM: Creeper.

Was in Atlantic City Wed with Linda and we gambled many hours away. Before the losing of money began, we hit some of the outlet shops across from the casinos. Believe it or not, the places were quite reasonable. I got three shirts for my sister's youngest, a reusable shopping bad for her, and two sheets of Disney stickers for her middle child all for $7! We had a great day even if we didn't come home ahead.

Links Note: If you travel to Mike Ferguson's blog from here, please don't be alarmed when my link here points to his new site: Emerald Lich! Here's wishing Mike many happy years at his new location.


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