Friday, April 10, 2009

WotC Pulls PDFs from Market

Can't say I blame them. Pirating 1 pdf for every 10 sold is pretty bad. Some industry folk believe this to be quite detrimental to the community at large since many 3rd-party sales were add-ons from WotC purchases. On one hand, I agree in that WotC's absence makes less a reason for a consumer to go to the pdf vendor sites. But on the other hand, just speaking for Tricky Owlbear, purchases of our works seem attached to other third party products as much as anything else. Time will tell how this affects us all.


Blogger Mike said...

Wizards of the Coast, yet again, prove themselves to be colossal fools.

There is no way they can stop Internet piracy. None. That won't change. If anything, they've just inadvertently issued a challenge to the pirates out there to keep pirating their products.

All they've done is annoy the hell out of the law-abiding gamers who were willing to pay for online versions of their products in a legal format.

Combine that with their so-called desire to move everyone to a digital format via DDI, and this decision makes no sense. You can't want everyone to go to your website and use digital products, while killing the digital format of your print products at the same time.


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