Sunday, August 23, 2009


As mentioned previously, Star Trek: The Exhibition is taking place at the Franklin Institute until late September. So after seeing G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra Sat. afternoon with Scot and Zlaty (surprisingly great action flick!) we wandered down to Philly to take in the exhibit. There was a long walkway during which you could read some quotes from the films/shows and from Rodenberry and then we arrived at the first room. There were a number of outfits present here, most of which were authentic (such as Khan's outfit and Kirk's uniform from Wrath of Khan). But the real highlight for me came in the next area which housed a replica of the Next Generation bridge...

Here's me doing me best "Engage" pose with Scot as my Riker. This picture doesn't take in the rest of the bridge but the ops and navigation console-chairs were also present. Several of the monitors behind us were running cool little graphics as they had going on the show. That green light above us was projecting a star field onto the viewscreen. I have to confess that I could have played around in that room for hours! Mostly the exhibit was comprised of original series, Next Gen, and ST: Nemesis props (I'd say 75% authentic and 25% replicas) with a smattering of DS9, Voyager, and even the uniforms from the newest movie. All in all, a really nice setup and worth the $12 post-5pm admission (although I didn't feed the meter long enough and walked outside to find a $36 parking ticket!). They also had another famous captain's chair which we had to try out. Scot looks much better in Kirk's chair than me.


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Very cool pictures captain Bret!

I agree they look good on the black background!

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