Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sales and Happenings

First off, Lotsa Blocks! is now permanently on sale for $4.00 ($8 was really too much for a bunch of stat blocks). Also, our recent Cyber Monday Sale turned out to be a nice little boost for us.

Second, even though I didn't see her more than a handful of times, it was great to spend some time with my sister and her family who were visiting for 3 weeks from Hawaii. Regrettably, she had soooo many other people to see and things to get done that 3 weeks wasn't enough time. I did get to see her and her three kids enjoying the Christmas presents I gave them though so that was cool. :)

Third, my job has hit an interesting twist in the road (pun intended). Rumor mill has it that the company I contract under lost the bid for the Sovereign Bank contract (which is the only work I do for them). Come end of January, supposedly, that'll be it. However, the rumor mill also says that the company who did win the contract will ask the banks if they're happy with their couriers. If they are, this company will offer those couriers the same work (possibly at a higher pay I'd wager). That'd be nice but we'll see what happens. If all else fails, the drug store has already made it known that they'd take me back (it's nice to be wanted). :)

Fourth, I'm making a bit of headway with Tricky Owlbear's What Goes Up! (our S&W adventure). It's much different than designing a 3.x module (and much less cumbersome!). I hope to have this project completed within the next few weeks. Haven't asked him yet, but I'm thinking of asking Jan Pospisil to do the cover (he did the fantastic art for the interior of A Matter of Faith).

Fifth, there's two Pathfinder projects in the works. The first is our second locale, The Favored of Skexxiz, and the second is a much larger project which I have two freelancers working on right now. Don't want to say much about it yet but it will nicely fill a hole in the current Pathfinder offerings, methinks, as well as giving something worthwhile to those who found the Bestiary a bit wanting in terms of mosnter selection (oops, I've said too much!).

Sixth, my Xmas shopping is complete and all is well with the universe.


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