Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Job

For those who might have seen my first "New Job" post some weeks back, well, I deleted that one as the job did not come to pass (long story, but I gained some inside info which made me quit before I officially started). Today was my third day working for a small pharmaceutical company called PPS in Shartlesville, PA. The people seem nice enough so that's a plus. My official title is Lab Tech which I'm told encompasses a few jobs. At the moment, I'm training to take samples of raw materials (they make skin products there) and then testing them for contaminents. The whole thing was rather daunting at first but in just these three days I learned what to do and actually prepared a few samples on my own today. I'm told they want me trained on lab machines they currently have consultants come in to work. That's fine by me because then I'll be the only one who has in depth knowledge of those machines (special knowledge = more $$ right?). For now, the job seems like a keeper as I can feel good growth coming in the future once their current restructuring is complete.


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