Friday, October 19, 2007

A New Publisher & Open Call

Generic Universe Publishing just announced its entrance into our world. The company is headed up by noted author/editor/developer Patrick Lawinger and can be found here:

Actually, this is a link to Patrick's discussion of writing for RPGs (always useful) but you can easily surf the rest of the site from there. Don't forget to check the News section if you're looking for work as there is an Open Call for writers right now. I'd like to submit something but my Tricky Owlbear obligations might eat up too much time. We'll see. It would be neat to submit to a start-up the same theme/type of submission that launched my own freelancing career (the Urban Blight contest creating city locales for Mystic Eye--here's hoping GUP surpasses the fame and longevity of that company!). I met Patrick briefly during my GenCon trip in '04 (I think it was that year) and he was very nice and, from his various message board posts, certainly knows what he's doing in terms of the RPG world. I suspect working for Patrick can, at the very least, lead to a good learning experience.


Blogger Mike said...

Great info. Thanks for posting this - and the link!

Don't think I'm going to have time to throw anything Patrick's way, but it's always good to see more companies - and more freelancing opportunities - in the hobby.

2:35 PM  

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