Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Two New Releases & Happy Halloween

If all goes as planned, two new pdfs with my scribblings should be released Thursday. The first is my contribution to Axel Carlsson's Behind the Monsters: Barghest and the second is the first in a line of pdfs for Highmoon. The piece is called "The Museum of Infamous Heroism" and the line of products is called Domains of Adventure. If the line proves popular, I think I'm going to be penning most (if not all) of them. Ah, to be busy. And then, of course, there's continuing Behind the Spells (I know, I'm bad for letting them go this long) and the occasional BtM solo (such as Skeleton and Gargoyle coming up).

And a Happy Halloween to everyone out there (with a special birthday greetings for my nephew Aiden who is 6 today--already a fan of Transformers, thanks to yours truly). So what Halloween traditions do I have? At 32, I'm a tad old for trick-or-treating (although not that old in spirit). Oddly enough, I'll be popping in the second season Halloween episode of the much-missed series Millennium. That episode and the Xmas ep in that same season are what quality TV is all about (mmm, the latter more than the former, but both still good). Actually, pretty much all of MM's season 2 was fantastic but that's a post for another day. Until then, enjoy your spooktastic holiday!


Blogger Steve said...

I really enjoyed the first season of Millennium, but didn't enjoy the second season as much (though the four devils hanging out from Frank Black was pretty funny).

Klea Scott, who played Frank's partner in the second season, is headlining my current favourite show: Intelligence. It's a political/crime thriller about organized crime and espionage set in Vancouver.

8:44 PM  
Blogger Bret said...

Actually, Klea was in the third season, which I wasn't really impressed by (no fault of hers though). The show runners at that point were trying to clean up what Morgan and Wong (Exec. Prod. for season 2) did to end season 2--in my opinion one of the best hours of TV. First season wasn't bad to start but did get a bit repetitive. Morgan & Wong gave the show a distinctive vision (MM group as a secret evil society) which really struck a chord with me although I know it didn't make the many of the existing cast and crew thrilled. But, the proof is in the pudding since I believe the show was up for some awards (Lance I'm sure was up for Best Actor at any rate).

Okay, I'm rambling. I thought the devils one was amusing too but not as engrossing as the rest of the season.

10:33 PM  

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