Saturday, February 14, 2009

Playtested and Approved

The medieval adventure as mentioned in my last post (yes, so long ago) was playtested a couple weeks back. Light on combat but with a fleshed out cast of over two dozen NPCs, the adventure proved to be as expected from my DM's point of view. I added one monster to the final encounter with the lone villain since 4 on 1 does not a fair match make. I want to make some needed changes over the weekend and then shop around for some art and maps.

My courier work is still going strong and I finally have a 3-day weekend to relax a bit. Linda and I are going to Delaware Park for her birthday tomorrow so that'll be mucho fun. Today will see some cleaning, town walking, and working on assorted writing projects (the one mentioned above as well as the next BtS offering for the KQ website).

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day folks!


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