Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Update & How I (Almost) Met Michael Palin

Well, the gourmet food run didn't work fact, it didn't even start! I overheard a phone conversation the boss was having with another person interested in the job. When the boss mentioned there was no salary, all commission-based, I turned and fled (after the obligatory "oh, that's how it is; well I'm not comfortable" response to him). Another job seems promising but cannot give full-time hours/pay for 2 to 3 months after a part-time trail (the part-time pay is $300/week but that's cutting it too close for me especially if the job isn't my thing). The search continues.

My grandmother is doing extremely well and is ready to be moved from the ICU. One small problem--no beds! Folks in the ER need beds and there aren't enough to go around so mom-mom may have to stay in the ICU until she's ready to go home. I was with her an hour yesterday after my aborted job run and she was in pretty good shape--a little dementia yet but at least she was sitting in a chair instead of lying in bed. I might make the run out there today with my mom later.

Game on for tomorrow! By request, the planar campaign gets its next installment. The PCs have had some down time and now their approx. 8th-level selves will have an adventure like no other (or is that just a good catch phrase?)! I came up with a plot before bed so it might not hold up well under scrutiny as I work on the adventure today.

And now to Michael Palin--one member of the astoundingly funny and famous Monte Python's Flying Circus group. On the way home from the hospital yesterday, I heard an interview with the man on Philadelphia station 90.9 FM. He was touring for his new book Michael Palin Diaries: 1969-1979, the Python Years. After they played the Lumberjack song at the end of the program (which is about all I heard, coming in late to that station), they mentioned he would be having a talk and signing at the Free Phila. Library on Vine St. @ 7pm that evening. I gathered Scot & Zlaty (after not being able to reach the Cuthberts, admitted Python fans) and headed down. We arrived in a more or less timely fashion but parking was hard to come by. We parked very near the art museum and hoofed it 2 blocks or so. By the time we arrived, security was letting no one else into the building because it was too full--even the standing room was taken! Drat! Probably a couple hundred feet away was a comedy legend I couldn't see. And that's how I (almost) met Michael Palin.


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