Sunday, September 02, 2007

Grandma Update

Last night things looked grim. Mom called us at the Cuthbert's where we were trying to relax during some gaming. It looked like mom-mom was bleeding again but they did not know from where. So instead of waiting to resume surgery Sunday (today), they had to go back in last night. My mom said the doctor didn't sound hopeful so we all congregated at LVH again and feared the worst. Not terribly long after we were there, the same surgeon as last time emerged to give us...a good report! They could find nothing that indicated mom-mom was bleeding again (very odd but good!) and after checking everything thoroughly (liver is viable and healthy), they sewed her back up. Over the next few days they'll work on taking her off the various machines and see about getting her into shape to come home. Better news we could not have gotten.

Edit: Turns out the anamolous bleeding came from her abdominal wall but all is OK.


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