Friday, January 15, 2010

Job Change

Today I gave my 2 (now 3) weeks notice. The signs are pointing to a return to the drug store and, unlike some life-motorists, I can read signs. :) I've been assured there's a place for me back in Hamburg so I wasn't at all worried in handing in my notice. The scheduler and head of dispatch were very sorry to see me go (I can't really say the feeling is mutual) and the big dog there also said I could come back anytime if wherever I was going didn't work out. Well, I don't burn my bridges but let's just say that I consider this one a bit rickety to go back and try to cross anytime soon. My last courier day will be Feb 5th. Here's to change!

In writing news, I finished a manuscript handed in by blog-mate Mike Ferguson. He's been tinkering with BtM: Vegypygmy for awhile and finally decided to hand in what he had completed. In truth, all the heavy lifting was already written (the history and Character Advantages sections) so I just polished up the new monster and added a minor artifact in the Related Research section. Here's hoping people enjoy this great addition to the line when it finally releases (this is not the third manuscript Scot has in his possession for layout so he's got his hands full).


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