Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pathfinder Monster Project

I dropped a hint about this secret project a few updates ago and that sparked interest from fellow writer and publisher K. Axel Carlsson of Headless Hydra Games. After some chatting, Tricky Owlbear has decided that this monster project deserves some art and has brought Axel on board (along with a fine stable of artists!) to direct that end of things. This is going to be one special book--over 100 monsters (some classic, some from more recent OGL products) converted for your Pathfinder game! I'm hoping to get this released by June so we'll see what happens. Stefen Styrsky (Open Design, Kobold Quarterly) and Mark Gedak (Grand OGL Wiki) are providing the writing while I'm coordinating the effort and lending some additional design where appropriate.


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