Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm Back!

While away, I did manage to finish BtS: True Seeing and scribble some notes for Lightning Bolt. Now I need to put together some adventure ideas for the mid-level follow up to DCC: The Adventure Begins. My group may have some playtesting ahead in the near future. :)

Made a point to stop by Best Buy today to pick up Lucas' latest cash generator--the Star Wars trilogy on dvd with the added "bonus" of the original theatrical versions. Bonus, yeah right. I don't know why they even bothered to put on the special edition version since the Bonus is what most fans are buying it for (correct me if I'm wrong). Much to my surprise, Best Buy had all three together in a cool collector's tin! It was about $10 more but I'm a sucker for collectibles and at least the 3 dvds won't be loose on the shelf.

Speaking of buying things, did you get over to Goodman Games yet and pick up DCC #12.5 with 1st edition rules? This was a limited GenCon '06 release and they're only printing enough to match the pre-orders. Hurry! You've only got until Friday to get your order in:


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