Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Longest Day

Yesterday began the first day of Medicare Part D supplmental coverage for those persons using the PACE program (it's the lottery funded insurance for senior citizens in PA). For the patients, it's a good thing because now they have two insurances working for them (the supplement is billed by our computer first and then PACE processes--hopefully--whatever amount is left and ends with some kind of copay). Unfortunately, the process is not so good for us pharmacies. Not only do people not have their insurance cards yet, some don't have a clue when asked about it!!!

To sum up, it was a very loooong day on Friday when you combine this headache with normal beginning of the month traffic in the store. Insurances were called to find out what coverage PACE people were supposed to have. Even when the customer definitely said they had no other insurance, we would input the card numbers given over the phone and then, when the card worked, informed them, "Yes, you do have another card."

The real unfortuante part of all of this is that these poor old people shouldn't have to deal with this crap. Even younger minds like ours have a rough time deciphering insurance sometimes. I just heard today how a 90-year-old wept because, although she had her new card, her friend up the street did not. Ridiculous.


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