Sunday, October 22, 2006

Reading List

Being in the middle of two trilogies is probably not the best idea. I just finished Farthest Reach in Richard Baker's "The Last Mythal" trilogy and as much as I thought the first book was ho-hum is how much I enjoyed this second book. The characters were a bit more alive and the plot engaging to the point that I really wanted to see what happened next. That said, if it wasn't a Realms novel, I may not have been as interested as there's definitely a change in the Heartlands power struggle going on.

With that done, I could move on to Final Gate, the last book in the trilogy. Indeed I would like to do just that but I've been neglecting the second book of the "Erevis Cale" trilogy by Paul Kemp and need to jump back to that before I totally forget the events of the first. Guess I'll bounce back to Baker and then return to finish up Kemp before moving on to some non-TSR reading like my recent Conan or Gray Mouser purchases.


Anonymous Brad said...

"Farthest Reach" was a bit better than the first book, but I still didn't find very much of it memorable. I can barely remember it at this point.

Still, I'll most likely finish out the trilogy.

"Bladesinger" turned out to be crap, unfortunately. At least I finished it and can move on to "Thieves of the Blood", which actually has received good reviews.

After that, Paul Kemp's new book should be hitting shelves...

2:37 AM  
Blogger Bret said...

Too bad about "Bladesinger" as I recall you were really enjoying it. At least you've got Kemp to look forward to!

4:45 PM  
Blogger Grimbones said...

Conan, Gray Mouser. Can't go wrong. Even if the plot is no good, the settings and prose are top notch.


12:11 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser simply rock.

In D&D terms, they're who I model my adventures after. For a long time, I was very big into "destiny quests" - stuff that would've come straight out of a David Eddings novel. (Well, hopefully better than Eddings.) But you get the idea - big grand quest where the Widgets of Power are needed to defeat the lieutenants of the Big Bad Evil ... and then the aforementioned Big Bad himself.

Now? Much less connected. Adventure for the sake of adventuring. Some recurring NPCs, but for the most part, no "grand plan" connecting eveything in mysterious ways. I'm sure the Gray Mouser would approve ...

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Brad said...

I love Howard's stuff. The new Del Rey books are awesome. I've got the Solomon Kane collection on my "waiting to be read" pile.

I'd like to read the Gray Mouser and Fafhrd books, but I only wish that they were collected somewhere. Hopefully someone is working on something like this.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

The entire run of Fafrd and Gray Mouser stories were collected by White Wolf a bunch of years ago in a set of three paperbacks. I think Mike (Hellboy) Mignola even did the covers for them.

They're OOP now, but they're still pretty easy to find. If you want to borrow them, just let me know.

9:01 AM  

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