Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I believe it is also New Years Eve for the celtic calendar. So a twin celebration is in order here at the 'ol blogstead. Not too much to mention today. Need to get off my sorry ass and write BtS: Dispel Magic before folks lose interest altogether.

We had a bang-up game on Sunday as the PCs in the planar campaign whooped the forces of the Faceless One and his Cult of Chaos. However, the homecoming and expectant relaxation is put on indefinite hold when the PCs return to Sigil to find things not quite right. The city appears to have been the site of a tremendous battle and, at first glance, no creatures are stirring. This is where I left the group as a cliffhanger to the planar campaign's first season finale. As for last Sunday's game, there was much XP to be had as the group defeated cultists, gibbering mouthers, troblins (from Tome of Horrors II), a young black dragon, and the Faceless One himself (a mutated ineffable horror from FR's Underdark sourcebook) amidst the chaos of a random teleportation chamber (see the spell secret from BtS: Teleport).

I think the group enjoyed the nearly 9-hour long session but it sure was a tiring experience for this DM. I had the adventure planned out in my head (as any DM should before "going into battle") but, when time was slipping away too fast, I had to axe the Faceless One's lair. Since I had little more than a map of it anyway, I wasn't too unhappy with that split-second decision.


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