Thursday, November 02, 2006

New CDs

I'm a supporter of brick and mortar establishments. I'll drive an hour+ to a game store to see what they have and then drop up to $20 (usually for minis these days) just because I like to have somewhere to drive to and want to support their continued existence in some small way. When it comes to the difficult to find items, however, then I go internet. Who doesn't these days, right? More and more I find myself becoming an Amazon junkie. As "unknown" soundtracks from favorite composers come onto my radar, I invariably find myself buying them from amazon.

My newest acquisitions? Both early James Horner outings: Battle Beyond the Stars/Humanoids from the Deep and the brief but well done Brainstorm. The first two for one combo was released by GNPCrescendo and apparently dubbed from the original vinyls. Oh well, I'm just happy to have the music. Not a lot of standout bits on first listen but further runs may prove more fruitful. On the other hand, Brainstorm I find particularly pleasing and should find an excellent fit in the planar campaign's eerie finale.

As for gaming, I've begun dispel magic and hope to have it completed by the end of the weekend. Anyone know if the name of Orcus is fair game? I mean, Necromancer Games uses him and his likeness but do they have a special agreement with WotC? Perhaps I'll just go to those boards and ask them.


Blogger Mike said...

Not an expert on this ... but Orcus appears in NG's "Tome of Horrors", and according to the legalese in the background, Orcus (like everything in the book) is OGL and fair game to use.

You should be free to simply use the name "Orcus", as well as stats that match those in "Tome of Horrors", provided that you put the proper legalese in Section 15 of your Copyright Notice. (I just did something quite similar).

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