Tuesday, November 07, 2006

PDF Sale A-Plenty

Can't say as I've been keeping up on the whole RPGNow merger with Drivethru and the ENWorld gamestore, but I do know that Dark Quest Games is continuing their sale on pdfs. My own precious Temporality can now be had in pdf form at 30% off here: http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=6874

On a side note, has anyone picked this up in print yet? I have yet to receive my author's copies and may just break down and order it from amazon.


Anonymous DQG_Neal said...

Print copies apparantly haven't gone out. I just spoke with my fufillment house this weekend. I wondered why I wasn't seeing any sales numbers from them, somewhere along the line they didn't even get the news out to the distributors on it. *Sigh*

11:30 AM  
Blogger Bret said...

*sigh* indeed. I'm expecting them with baited breath.

5:29 PM  

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