Saturday, March 17, 2007

Casino Trip, part ?%#^&

On Wed., Linda and I took a little trip down to Delaware Park (for me it must be the 7th time this year or so). Well, could I get any machine to cooperate? Nope! Money flew from my wallet faster than a horny guy at a prostitute convention. Linda, however, had a fantastic day; every machine she touched turned to gold and, by the end of the trip, was at $400. Although I was supposed to buy dinner for her birthday, she graciously bought for us that night (I know, I'm not off the hook yet). I may not have won but I still had fun.

So it's another snow day here in Hamburg but everything appears to be on the melt already. Thank the gods spring is not far off. Still haven't finished AE: Waterskin. Just can't seem to get enthused about it I suppose. I did start on the format for Tricky Owlbear's Behind the Monsters line and think I've outlined a fairly compelling reason for that monster's creation. Let history be my judge if my answer is better than Gary Gygax's "I named it after a plastic figure."

If you're a Dragon subscriber, you've undoubtedly received your April modron-packed issue. I'm glad these monsters are back for 3e. Ever since I saw Dave Sutherland's rendition of those geometric-shaped creatures from MMII, I've loved them. Don't ask me why my 10-year-old brain found those old illustrations so interesting but it did. Thanks to Ken Marable and the folks at Dragon for returning these little guys to us.

I'm looking forward to playing my mostly insane Traveller captain Sarz Banx tomorrow at the game barn. It's been awhile since we shared in a good space romp.


Blogger Travel Allstar said...

I love delaware park! Especially playing the horses...

3:39 PM  
Anonymous TOMCAT said...

Believe it or not some snow has melted here. Today was the 70th day in a row with at least an inch of snow on the ground. There is at least 8 inches or so to melt still. And this is a sparse snow year for here.

8:54 PM  

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