Saturday, March 24, 2007

Death and Taxes

Since I'm not feeling that well today and it's time to meet with the tax man, the title seemed appropriate. :) Woke up today with some dizziness and accompanying nausea. Fortunately, a co-worker came in to take my short Sat. shift (especially since I'll be working every day next week from Monday to Sat.). The dizziness has mostly subsided now and I didn't throw up my lunch so we'll call it a victory.

On the freelance scene, I'm delving into a setting called Crown written and developed by fellow freelancer Alex Carlsson (see Wanderman's Realm in the Links). Dark Quest is ramping up the huge city-setting for release and the project is to be accompanied with a release of short stories. Yup, I'm writing one of them. Today is spent reading the writer's bible and churning some ideas in the brainpan. Tomorrow I've got to invest some time in Tricky Owlbear projects.


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