Monday, May 21, 2007

Where'd the Work Go?

As freelancing is at a snail's pace these days, the weekend didn't see much action in that regard. I did, however, get my lawn and my sister's lawn mowed over the two days. Yay me. But back to the freelancing. This has probably been the longest dearth of real writing I've had in years. "What's the deal?" you might ask. I think it has to do with preparing Tricky Owlbear for launch. I did manage to more or less finish BtM: Owlbear this weekend but I'm hesitant to really go scrounging up work with others until I get into a comfortable rhythm with my own company. For a change of pace maybe I'll do another Adventurer Essentials pdf or perhaps even a time travel adventure which I kinda said I'd do to further support Temporality. And of course there's that short story that still needs writing for Dark Quest's upcoming Crown setting. After Scot and I meet with the accountant this week about setting up our corporation, we'll see what's what.


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