Friday, July 24, 2009

Back to the Grind

I'm back in the regular routine following my brief hospital stay. My left arm seems to be the big issue now. The chest pain has mostly receded (until I lift something heavy) but now I've got these pinpricks of pain that are at specific spots on my legs and arms--very strange! I stopped taking the Naproxen as I believe it was making me drowsy and thought maybe its chance of causing easy bruising was somehow contributing to these pain eruptions. Just popped some ibuprofen so we'll see how that goes this afternoon. On and off numbness continues on the top of my left arm and up my pinky.

No work this Sat so I'll have 2 whole days to help my recovery. Next week the Hamburg Sovereign bank is closing so that has been added to my pickup next Friday afternoon as the person who normally does it cannot start at the different pickup time. That'll be another couple bucks without really any deviation of my "flight plan" so it's no problem.

Scot has finished layout of A Matter of Faith and I went through it one more time last night, discovering a handful of small edits that I must give to Scot. Then that puppy will be ready to make its debut!


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