Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hump Day Ramblings

As of 1:30pm this afternoon, my mirror is fixed! A nice bonus on this otherwise normal "hump day" Wednesday. I asked Schlenker's if they had a cot I could sleep on as I've been there many times this week now and will be taking my car in for its 100K mile maintenance on Sat. Despite the mirror difficulty, Linda and I visited Delaware Park last night and returned with...uh, happy memories but no cash.

In writing news, I've been fiddling for BtM: Invisible Stalker but I really thought I'd be done with that by now. No rush, I suppose, as Scot now has 2 things for Tricky Owlbear layout to get done.

Been getting a bit more walking in this week (Sun and Mon); just normal town walks of 45 min/3-mile-ish length but that's better than nothing. What do you folks do to stay healthy and fit? Walking is, I've been told, one of the best things one can do.


Blogger Mike said...

I run. A lot.

It usually works out to be 25-30 miles a week, 5 days a week. If I'm training for something, that changes (less if it's a 5K race, but more intense; more if it's a half-marathon or a marathon).

I also hit the gym two or three times a week after work.

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