Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shattered Mirror!

When I stopped to grab some coffee today in Hamburg I was parked along State St. (or, as I like to call it, the "Death Star Trench"). I was waiting for some cars to pass by before exiting the vehicle and then I saw a school bus coming down the road. I waited and then noted, with some alarm, that the bus was awefully close to the parked cars and was not adjusting itself away. I figured I'd step on the brake pedal just to make the driver see the lights and, as normal drivers might do, give the car that might be about to move (although I wasn't) a wider berth. Instead, my side view mirror granted me the last image it would ever reflect--of the school bus decapitating it!

It was like watching the accident in slow motion as the bus shredded the poor mirror just inches away from me. The bus pulled over after the red light, obviously seeing what had happened, as I exited and retrieved whatever looked salvageable from the street. The driver apologized and said he had to get his kids down to the park but would return right away. I agreed even though I really needed to get my coffee and get up to my first bank stop. The man did return and we exchanged information before parting. Somehow, I made it to my first stop with no time to spare.

I called my State Farm woman and she advised me to just let the school's ins. company handle everything lest I need to pay my SF deductible. I didn't get the school's company's number but I was able to call the school (BCIU) and inquire. The woman there said after the driver reported everything then I would get a call. This is all well and good but I need the car to be in one usable piece since it's my livelihood. So, I got an estimate from Schlenkers (the dealership where I bought the vehicle and take it for anything it needs) and they said they could get the parts in as soon as tomorrow! Fortunately, they have one less piece to order as the rear housing of the mirror somehow escaped intact. Good thing I didn't impulsively throw it away. The estimate is less than $150 so I'm hoping the other insurance company won't balk when I get the thing repaired hopefully tomorrow. I don't have time to run around to whatever repair places they'd like an estimates from. I'm the victim here and they will pay. In the meantime, what's left of the mirror's casing has been duct taped to make it less noticeable to roaming police. :)


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