Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall TV Begins!

I've probably missed the premiere of something that looked interesting before tonight but there's not many things I'm keeping on the radar. Tonight we've got the Fringe second season premiere which, by all accounts, is going to be pretty good. Do I really remember what was happening last season? Sure, Olivia gets sucked into an alternate dimension with Spock, er I mean William Bell. Fringe has had its highs and lows but you can't really judge a series with this kind of mythology too harshly from its freshman season. After all, if you did there most certainly would not have been more than one season of Star Trek: TNG (oh god, the first season pain!).

Also starting tonight is NBC's Community which marks the questionable big network debut of that guy from The Soup and the return of Chevy Chase to primetime. Unlike many people, I like Chevy so on that basis alone I'm going to give this a watch. Regrettably, these two shows are on at the same time so I'll need to tape the latter to watch later. A small price to pay for having some new stuff back on the tube.

What's next that I'm looking forward to? Stargate: Universe, Legend of the Seeker, and, yes I'll say it, season 2 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


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