Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Spellcraft 101

I saw a question on the Paizo pathfinder rules forum yesterday concerning using Spellcraft to identify a divine spell as it is being cast. I can see where they're coming from in that they don't like the idea of a mage identifying a divine caster's spell but why do you need to come up with yet another rule to govern it? Magic is magic. It's why they allowed psionic and spell resistance to interact in 3e, for example.

Consider this--if you draw water from the sink, whether you use a paper cup or a porcelain mug, I can still tell you're drinking water if I see you tapping it. To me, magic works the same way be it arcane or divine. Divine casters pray while arcane casters babble but both still use gestures (i.e. somatic components) and these are presumably the same. The magic may manifest from different vessels (cup or mug) but it is still the same. Otherwise, you'd have to have very different spell resistance rules et al to govern when arcane and divine interact.

Just sayin'.


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