Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Shops

Well, I didn't win big yesterday. In fact, I barely won. As it turns out, my best win was with the Big Six I mentioned yesterday. Out of desperation, I put a $5 chip on the $10 spot and it won! I came home with just under half what I had taken. Eh, could have been worse. My friend Linda and I ate at a 50s themed burger joined called Johnny Rocket on the boardwalk and had a great time.

Today I'm flying solo and looking for new D&D-carrying stores in which to spend my money. I'm always on the lookout for stores that carry older edition products so I can fill my collection. Once I find such a store, it gets added to my roster of possible daytrips for my normal schedule (one weekday off during normal work hours). Since driving for me is a creative recharger (see that earlier blog entry for details), it's always fun...even in my gas guzzling 18.2 gallons per mile Grand Cherokee.


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