Friday, June 16, 2006

Graduates & Dungeon Crawls

No, this isn't the name of a new game I'm developing. It's a brief description for the upcoming weekend. Tomorrow is a trip to Philadelphia for my brother's graduation from Drexel Univ. His degree is in Information Systems (which appears to be a bullshit phrase for "computer stuff"). Sunday is a day of gaming as we return to the Lost Vault of Thazhar Rho" (DCC #2) under Brad's capable DMing. It will be nice for me to play instead of being in the captain's chair. :)

Hoping to get the lion's share of BtS: Antimagic Field completed tonight. Despite being owed a few hundred dollars yet from Dark Quest, I opened discussions with Neal to pen small expansion supplements for Temporality. I've been compiling a list of spells to copy and tweak from Necromancer Games' Eldritch Sorcery. Also plan on developing some new havens and perhaps an adventure or two based on my book.


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