Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mid-Week Update

Okay, there's not much to say but I felt that I needed to blog something. I'm putting the finishing touches on BtS: Invisibility tonight and must finish it before bed. This is because as of tomorrow I'll be house/petsitting for an older couple about 10 minutes from my place. There dog, Chipper, is very well behaved and I pretty much consider the "job" a kind of vacation. My tour of duty there will be from Thursday through Sunday. The only problem is getting up extra early so I can commute back to Hamburg and prepare for work.

At work today marked the triumphant return of "librarian kid". This is a hell-spawned child from the Chinese eatery two doors up from the drug store. He's been conspicuously absent from my place of business for many months. I learned from Shirley (who owns the herbal store between the drug store and chinese place) that LK is now growing plants and visiting her on an almost daily basis. Today he came into the store for a pair of tweezers, assorted gum and, of all things, women's razors. When Loralee (who was manning the register) informed him the total was upwards of $7, LK did a quick count of the change that had been dumped from his Wolfgang Candy truck tin (which he likely stole from someplace). He then decided he didn't need half of the packs of gum or the tweezers. After paying for the rest and eventually leaving, I said that he would definitely be back. Sure enough, the next person to come through the door was LK. Turns out whoever he bought the razors for didn't want them so he got some money back.

And then the questions started..."Do you have any, ah, things for the make it smell?" Air fresheners, I wondered and asked him as much. He repeated his questioning ramble and I acknowledged it with the same answer, "We don't have any." He then moved over to the Listerine and asked, "What's this for?" I had flashbacks to my last encounter with LK where he asked me what the hell everything cost at the candy counter. I wasn't about to go through something similar with half a grilled cheese sandwich getting cold. So I answered, "That's for your mouth, not your car." He answered, "I know." Then why the fuck did you just ask me, I thought. And then, going against nearly 14 years of faithfully waiting on customers, I turned my back on LK and walked into the back where the rest of my dinner waited.

It worked! LK left the store without further discussion. Now, that may have been mean of me but (despite my having the great amounts of patience) if he thinks he'll be visiting the drug store all summer to get his inane questions answered, he'd better think again.


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