Saturday, June 24, 2006

One Week Later

Yikes! Has it been a whole week since I posted something here?! Well, I handed in BtS: Antimagic Field and am slowly putting together BtS: The Walls which includes every casters' favorite wall of... spells. Did you know that each of the wall spells was crafted by a different race but at the same time? You'll be able to read about it soon enough!

I've begun work on the first Temporal Digest for Dark Quest by compiling a list of OGC spells from Necromancer's Eldritch Sorcery. This series of pdfs will replace my Behind the Spells work load (although I don't plan on releasing them once per week I can tell you). The TD series will focus on "new" (read OGC) stuff melded with my Temporality concepts and include info for all time periods of gaming (I hope). Looks like I'll have to suck it up and learn some d20Modern now.

This weekend is wide open so I hope to accomplish some writing and reading. After the busyness of last weekend and the agonizingly slow pace of the past work week, it's nice to have a little down time. Oh, and for those interested, Troll Lord Games is having a very good sale--$10 for each book! Check out their newly redesigned site here but be quick because the sale ends soon:


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