Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ca$ino Trip, part II

I decided to take a drive down to Days of Knights in Newark, DE (as I had back in June). After picking up two of the Game Mastery map packs by Paizo, I bopped on over to the Delware Park Racetrack and Slots. The fever to play was still with me after Saturday's haul and I wanted to have a look at this place anyway. After parking quite far away, I entered the slots area to find a nice clean establishment. The typical bevy of old people were plunking in their coins and zipping in their dollars as I fairly jogged to find the bathroom.

Emerging refreshed and with a relaxed bladder, I took a tour of the place while dropping $40 out of the $160 I had brought. When those first two twenties gained me nothing, I decided to really hunker down and follow my own slot rules, the cardinal of which is this--look at the previous payout on the machine! The first to catch my eye was a $400 a $1 machine. Normally, I avoid the buck ones like the plague. But I still had plenty of twenties left and the payout spoke for itself. After alternating between one and two credits played, I went for three (the maximum) and won myself over 250 credits. I needed to remind myself that these were dollars now and not quarters as per usual. So I played down to an even 200 and moved on, very pleased with that turn of events.

Well, I guess the dollar machines were calling me beause I spied another decent payout at two machines near the entrance. Instead of using my $200 voucher (and risk losing its contents), I decided to play through the rest of my cash since even if I used it all I'd still be ahead. Lady luck continued to watch over me as this $1 machine hit for over 250 credits again! This time, I played to the 250, cashed out, and moved to the next machine on my right. After a precious few spins, it hit for over 100! The woman a few machines down spared me a glare. I turned and nodded knowlingly to her. :)

At the end of about an hour's worth of slot playing, my twenties were gone but my vouchers totaled $550!! Will my luck continue next week or even tonight (I purchased some Powerball tickets because, what the hell?)?! Wish me luck!

And for a bit of rpg news, friend and fellow freelancer Mike Ferguson has mentioned me in his own entry about 2007 over at Musings (see link on the right since I'm web challenged). I wish him luck on his resolutions and hope to see him quite a bit at our gaming table this year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, I came across your blog trying to do a little research about Delaware Park casino. I have been reading up at for about a week now as I am planning a weekend road trip. I love to gamble and wasn't sure if I should hit Delaware Park before I made my way up to Atlantic City. Is it worth a stop over?

3:38 PM  
Blogger Bret said...

Yeah, it's definitely worth the stop. I posted a review about the place here:

5:36 PM  

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