Monday, January 08, 2007

Ca$ino Trip!

After work on Saturday, I decided to travel to Atlantic City with my parents, Scot, and Zlatka (the machines were calling to me). After walking a bit and having some dinner and ice cream, my parents broke away to walk around while the remaining trio went into Caesars. Zlaty was unfortunate enough to get a clogged printer at a Wheel of Fortune $1 slot. There was still $7 left to cash out so we waiting 20 minutes or so for an attendant. I had spent $20 by this time and we had a limited window of time for gambling. After moving over to Ballys, I went straight for the machine which hit for $70 last time. Sure enough, it hit again for me at around the same payout.

After playing down to $50 the three of us moved over to the Wild West part of Ballys. Scot and Zlaty played a machine while I went across the aisle. After only a few minutes my voucher had shrunk to $30. Things weren't looking good (although I was really only down $10 by this point). My gambling companions had moved a few machines down from me; Scot racking up a few bucks on a "Crystal 5s" 25-cent machine. I moved to watch while Zlaty sat beside him "bringing him luck."

After a minute or two, the machine showed one of its "x5" faces and two matching bars. Instant $80! Scot decided that was good enough for them and prepared to leave. I said, "Are you sure you don't want to keep playing?" Since this machine had displayed a propensity for hitting, I felt certain the streak would continue. Scot declined so I said, "Well, I'm sure as hell going to play!"

I sat down and like a three pulls later (betting max each time of course), the machine showed two "x5"s and a double bar! The $$ indicator shot up and didn't stop! Scot and I were trying to figure out what I would win. When the amount did stop, I had hit just above $400. Not too shabby and I guess I really did feel the place calling to me. Despite a strong desire to stay, we immediately cashed out and went home. Smart move this time but Linda and I have already planned a trip back to AC next Wed. We'll see if the same machine hits again and if we can show restraint.


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