Friday, January 19, 2007

Casino Trip, part III

As previously stated, I drove Linda, Kristi, and myself to Delaware Park Wed. Did my lucky streak continue? Well, there's no damned dollar sign in my entry title now is there mister smarty pants? ;) Regrettably, of the $180 I took to gamble, only $20 survived the trip. Linda and Kristi split a $150 payout and were nice enough to buy my dinner at Ruby Tuesday. In a way, I suppose, losing was good because it has broken the "need" I had developed to keep going back.

In other news, Chris Gath posted a review of Bts: Wish & Limited Wish here:

Now I'm off to find something to eat. Gotta keep it bland since something I had for lunch did NOT agree with my insides and was just forcefully expelled. It's tempting to stay home but more tempting to use that 25% off coupon for Borders. We're playing some Vampire this weekend so my Sunday is booked. Tomorrow is up in the air but I hear it's going to be pretty darned cold. Have a great weekend!


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