Sunday, February 26, 2006

Another Sunday

As much as I love gaming, I love having a Sunday off. I'm attempting to catch up on some fun reading. Just bought the new Timothy Zahn Star Wars book...ah, the name escapes me and I'm too lazy to go over to the desk and look. It takes place in the midst of the first trilogy, before the Clone Wars erupt I believe. In any case, it's the first appearance of Thrawn, one of my favorite characters from the Heir to the Empire trilogy Zahn wrote in the '90s. It'll be nice to take a break from fantasy. Currently I'm reading on Richard Baker's Forsaken House. It's better than when I started it and then stopped it a month or two back.

BtS: Levitate has been handed in and Phil says he'll get it up for sale today. Next up is an offensive spell but I don't know which yet. Yeah, yeah, I'll try and write it before week's end and get back on schedule. In other news, with the postponement of Invasion: Freeport I decided to pick up a side project with Reality Deviant Publications. They release work under the Ronin Arts banner for better marketing and the writing people include a few folks I'm already familiar with. Axel and Mark comment here and David Jarvis was responsible for the cartography in my 11th Hour pdf. I enjoy working with new companies (new to me at least) and the project I'll likely help with is cool. The royalty percentage on net sales ain't bad either. ;)

It's a balmy freezing temp here in Hamburg but the sun is shining brightly so it's high time I get my lazy ass out for a hike.


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